NCPA was established in 2009 on the initiative of the Guild of Experts (Russia). The agency operates independently of the political bodies and the higher education sector.

NCPA’s mission in the Russian system of quality assurance is to form and promote quality culture in higher education through identification, evaluation, and accreditation of the best educational programs in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation  and the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG-ENQA).

NCPA’s  Objectives :

NCPA is established to be the national quality assurance agency in higher education, with responsibility for public accreditation at the program and institutional levels, assisting in quality enhancement, advising on quality assurance; and serving as the liaison with quality agencies worldwide, for the benefit of Russian higher education.

  1. Develop and implement quality standards for programs of higher education in compliance with ESG-ENQA.
  2. Provide multi-faceted engagement of the academic community, employers, and international experts in program evaluation procedures.
  3. Ensure public provision of information about the quality of educational programs delivered by higher education institutions (HEIs)

NCPA’s Activities:

  1. Recognizing the best educational programs, determined on the basis of the results of external evaluations as best in the particular region, and in regard to specific fields of study.
  2. Accrediting the best educational programs in alignment with ESG-ENQA.
  3. Providing Russian HEIs with information and methodological support on the quality issues of education in compliance with ESG-ENQA.
  4. Publishing information about the accredited educational programs in both Russian and English languages.
  5. Training experts in the field of higher education quality assessment in alignment with ESG-ENQA.
  6. Collaborating internationally with the purpose of promoting public accreditation in education