In February 2021a year has passed since the beginning of DEQAR CONNECT project which is coordinated by EQAR and is financially supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

The main aim of DEQAR is to develop the database of programmes accredited by agencies, registered in EQAR. 21 accreditation agencies of EHEA are partners of the project. Russia is represented by NCPA.

The results of the first year work of the consortium was the development of a roadmap by the accreditation agencies on its technical capabilities for providing data on accredited programs to DEQAR, as well as the development of an internal system that allows to synchronize data with the DEQAR database.

In 2021 project participants are going to continue their work on the future development and improvement of their technical opportunities in uploading data to DEQAR.

More information about DEQAR CONNECT project сon the official website of EQAR