APQN Annual General Meeting 2022



At the end of November, the Annual General Meeting and Academic Conference of the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) was held in Singapore. The Conference was attended by 120 participants from 27 countries.

Currently, APQN is one of the biggest associations of quality assurance organizations; there are 268 members from 47 countries.

The importance of this event is explained by two reasons: first of all, it is the first offline meeting of accreditation agencies – APQN members after a long quarantine; secondly, the world geopolitical situation has dramatically changed. It is especially important for Russia to strengthen and expand business cooperation with accreditation agencies of friendly countries.

The Annual General Meeting approved the election results of the new APQN Board of Directors. Galina Motova, representative of the Russian accreditation agency (NCPA), was elected APQN Vice-President.


The next conference will be held in Bangladesh.