XIV APQN International Conference


On November 29-30, 2022 the XIV Higher Education International Conference «Online Teaching and Sustainable Quality Assurance: Challenges and Perspectives» was held. It was organized by the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) and Macao Polytechnic University.

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Nar Bahadur Raika, a newly elected APQN President, and Professor Im Sio Kei, Rector of Macao Polytechnic University, addressed participants with a welcome speech.

More than 200 participants attended the conference. Over 20 experts from the UK, Belgium, Russia, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Mongolia, China, Hong Kong and Macao delivered presentations focused on:

- digitalization of quality assurance;
- AI application in higher education;
- quality assurance in the changing world of higher education;
- information technology innovations in accreditation;
- changes in cross-border cooperation and different methods of assessments and standards in the post-pandemic era.

Galina Motova, APQN Vice-President and NCPA Director, presented on «Aggregated ranking as a tool for evaluation of the quality and positioning of Asia-Pacific universities at the global level».

фпрофессионально-общественная аккредитация фпрофессионально-общественная аккредитация

The conference gave opportunities to share experience and best practices in quality assurance of higher education.