SAGRIS Steering Committee Meeting

On February 4 NCPA’s Deputy Director Galina Motova and Manager of International Office Marina Kurdiumova took part in the Steering Committee Meeting ofthe SAGRIS project. During the meeting the management team have summoned up the outcomes achieved after the first year of project implementation. The project started on January 15, 2020. Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions most planned meetings and events were conducted online.

The following SAGRIS project outcomes (1st year) have been achieved:

– 4 international research teams have been created (about 150 participants); 

– structure of SAGRIS modules was compiled in accordance with European quality standards;

– situational analysis of postgraduate studies (Russia) and doctoral studies (Kazakhstan) has been carried out; 

– glossary of terms used in third-cycle education and their compliance with the requirements in Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan has been prepared;

– postgraduates / doctoral students from universities in Russia and Kazakhstan have participated in a survey;

In order to achieve the goals set by the project in 2020, the following activities were carried out:

– 5 meetings of the Project Steering Committee;

– 32 work group meetings for module developers;

– 4 meetings on strategic networking of participants;

– 3 meetings of the project quality assurance group.

In 2021 the project participants are going to develop educational materials for courses/modules, as well as strategies for long-term development of third-cycle education in partner universities. Project participants as well as postgraduate/doctoral students from partner universities are going take part in training internships, and pilot implementation of the developed modules.